The Lone Rider Phenomenon

I generally prefer to ride alone, although it is sometimes fun to travel with a few carefully chosen companions. Large group rides with more than a half dozen participants are not really enjoyable to me except on special occasions. By choice, almost all of my riding is done solo.

Many times when I stop, complete strangers, who would normally keep to themselves otherwise, will walk over to me and strike up a friendly conversation. Judging from discussions with other motorcyclists, many riders experience this when traveling alone and to a lesser extent when traveling in a small group.

Perhaps seeing a lone motorcyclist all loaded down with gear and obviously on a road trip triggers some longing for freedom they identify with. Or maybe they are just curious. Whatever the particular reason, it happens frequently and is very real. After some pleasant conversation we'll part company and I'm left with the feeling we have brightened each other's day.

At the conclusion of an extended solo trip I'm sometimes asked if I was ever lonely. Quite the contrary; even though I rode alone it is virtually certain I met many wonderful people along the way. When I'm gone for any significant duration I do miss friends and loved ones and look forward to seeing them again. But loneliness has never been a problem.

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