Motorcycle Touring Notes

Revised 5-19-2010


People frequently ask how I prepare for an extended motorcycle trip and take care of common living needs while on the road. I'll attempt to address some of the more common questions here.

Disclaimer: Because individual needs and preferences can vary significantly, what has worked well for me may be completely inappropriate for someone else. What follows are my own personal preferences, procedures, and observations.

Prior to Departure

Packing List: Left Fairing Pocket
Packing List: Right Fairing Pocket
Packing List: Tankbag Main Compartment
Packing List: Tankbag Left Pocket
Packing List: Tankbag Right Pocket
Packing List: Tankbag Front Pocket
Packing List: Left Saddlebag
Packing List: Right Saddlebag
Packing List: Trunk
Packing List: Fairing Interior
Packing List: RearSeat
Packing List: Other Locations
Route Planning
Motorcycle Preparation
Spare Parts
Miscellaneous Activities

On the Road

The Ubiquitous Tankbag
Staying in Touch
The Lone Rider Phenomenon
A Typical Day

After the Trip

After the Trip

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