Staying well-hydrated is essential to safe riding. Some riders use camelbacks and sip often while riding, but my preference is to purchase a cold drink every hour or two while stopped to rest.

I usually consume a 32 ounce Gatorade every day in addition to other drinks. The Gatorade replenishes electrolytes; without it a splitting headache is likely to develop the following day. Before figuring out this connection I wasted many miserable Sundays incapacitated in bed after a Saturday of hard work in the sun.

Once empty, the plastic Gatorade bottle is retained for potential use in the tent that night. If the weather is inclement or cold it is nice to remain in the tent should nature call. However, mix-ups must be avoided if there is another bottle in the tent containing a drink!

On occasion I may have a beer or glass of wine in the evening after all riding for the day is finished, but I will absolutely never ride after consuming any amount of alcohol.

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