My meals on the road are usually split evenly between eating out and preparing meals myself. Sampling the local cuisine is one of the more enjoyable benefits of traveling, especially if a particular local eatery is known to be really good. So when such an opportunity presents itself I often indulge.

On the other hand, if the choices available are limited to national chain restaurants or establishments of dubious quality then I'll usually opt to prepare my own meals. This may also be necessary if the nearest restaurant is many miles distant. I usually try to keep enough food on the bike for at least four days in isolation.

Breakfast is prepared by heating a small pot of water to almost boiling on the stove. Some of the water is used to prepare oatmeal that was previously purchased as a box of flavored individual serving packs. Instant coffee is also prepared using some more of the hot water, and the utensils are cleaned with what hot water is left over.

As a side note, skipping my morning coffee is non-negotiable. I've been drinking a cup every morning since before my teen years and a severe headache and generally groggy feeling will usually result if it is missed. Further, I really enjoy it. End of discussion.

Lunch usually consists of a sandwich, often with a granola bar or apple for dessert.

Evening meals are more varied, depending on time of day and access to local food stores. Here are a few of the evening meals I've found to be quick and easy to prepare.

Prepackaged TV dinners, not the kind that need refrigeration. Contents can be heated using the camp stove and cooking utensils. Some of these dinners are actually pretty tasty.

Canned meat foods such as beef stew, chili, soup, ravioli, hash, BBQ meat, etc. Pour it out of the can, heat and eat.

Sardines and crackers, possibly with cheese sticks. Beer goes well with this. This meal is great if it is late and I need something to eat quickly but don't want or have time to cook. It also packs small in the trunk.

Tuna noodle casserole. Cook noodles in boiling water. When done, pour off some water and stir in one can of cream of mushroom soup and one can of tuna. Heat until bubbly. Delicious and filling.

Steak and baked potato. Easy to cook over a campfire and sometimes chosen when the urge to splurge strikes. The steak must be purchased locally since there is no refrigeration on the bike.

A granola bar and/or fruit usually accompanies these main courses.

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