Every extended trip has significant planning performed in advance, and this planning is managed through the use of lists. Lists provide an excellent way to stay organized and to minimize the chance of missing something important. In addition, lessons learned on one trip can be propagated forward to future trips via lists.

Two lists are prepared: a To-Do List and a Packing List. Both lists are kept as text files on my home computer and a master copy of each list type is maintained separately. When it comes time to prepare for a trip, a working copy is made from each master and modified as appropriate for the specific trip being planned. Because many of the list items are the same from one trip to the next, the chance of omitting something important is reduced through the use of master copies with common items already included.

The To-Do List includes activities that need to be performed prior to departure. Specific bike preventive maintenance actions are listed in addition to general activities such as home maintenance items, dental/medical checkups, ensuring bills are paid, etc.

The Packing List includes those items that need to be packed on the bike prior to departure and is organized according to storage location on the bike. The latest master Packing List is posted here. The next few pages describe the Packing List in more detail.

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