Motorcycle Preparation

The bike must be in top mechanical condition before departure. To begin with, the standard routine maintenance procedures found in its factory shop manual are performed. In addtion, the following specific items are addressed.

If not done within the past 20-30K miles, the stator, cam chain, and water pump mechanical seal are replaced (the infamous engine-out triple bypass operation).

The Pro-link rear suspension is periodically disassembled, cleaned, and lubed. I've had limited success using the Honda Moly 60 paste recommended in the shop manual. Often corrosion would form between the collars and bushings, and the rear suspension would begin binding and squeaking within a few months. More recently I've had good results with Never-Seez Blue Moly.

New tires are installed and ridden a few hundred miles before an extended trip. I've had very good results with the Dunlop Touring Elite series, although there are other touring tires designed for long tread life that are surely just as good. From my experience, these tires are usually good for at least 15K miles before replacement is necessary. I've never needed to replace a tire while on the road.

When the rear wheel is removed for tire replacement, the rear end splines are cleaned and lubricated with Honda Moly-60 paste. Corrosion is not an issue here.

Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil is used in the rear end. The rear end runs noticeably quieter and cooler with synthetic gear oil as opposed to the standard non-synthetic hypoid oil.

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