Packing List: Trunk

The trunk contents are listed below.

Mess kit with matches in ziplock plastic bag.

Leatherman style multi-function tool with can opener blade.

Cooking stove and spare fuel bottle. A filtered fuel funnel is also included but is not shown in this photo.

Food. This can include coffee, oatmeal, granola bars, sardines, crackers, chili, beef stew, assorted dinners and other culinary delights.


Antacid tablets. Just in case the culinary delights weren't so delightful.

Paper towels.

Clean terry cloth rag. Used mostly to wipe dew off windshield in mornings.

Eyeglasses for close-up work, packed in hard case.

Spare AA batteries.

Spare camera memory cards or film.

Blank camcorder tapes (future).

Satellite tracking device (future).

Nylon parachute-style cord.

Security cable for protective riding gear.

Sheepskin buttpad from Alaska Leather. This awesome luxury item is stowed in the trunk when not in use. It also makes a fine pillow at night.

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