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Motorcycle - Traveling and Touring

Alaska Motorcycle Odyssey 1990 An epic motorcycle travel adventure documented with many pictures and commentary.

Alaska Motorcycle Odyssey 2012 A similar motorcycle adventure trip made 22 years later.

Vacation Trip 2001 A three week trip spent touring and visiting two of the country's largest bluegrass festivals.

Vacation Trip 2006 A multi-week trip that had to be significantly modified due to problems. Traveled as far west as Colorado and as far north as Nova Scotia.

Deals Gap Trip 2007 A weekend trip to the infamous Dragon.

Amish Rally Trip 2010 A vacation trip to the HTTA 2010 Amish Rally near West Milton, Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle Touring Notes How I prepare for an extended motorcycle trip and take care of common living needs while on the road.

Motorcycle - Technical

Motorcycle Electrical Troubleshooting A brief introduction to common failures and troubleshooting techniques, with an emphasis on the Honda CX/GL models.

Alternator Stator Failure and Repair Discussion of stator failures experienced and corrective actions. Includes recommended vendors for stator rewinding service.

Voltage Monitor A brief review of battery voltage monitors and the monitoring solution I've selected.

Main Fuse Modification A modification to replace the Silverwing's main fusible link with a modern automotive ATC fuse and fuseholder.

Hotwiring the Silverwing How to operate the Silverwing without using the ignition switch.

CX/GL 500/650 Electric Fan Upgrades Radiator electric fan upgrades for the 500 and 650 bikes.

GL500 Fork Braces Aftermarket fork braces to prevent front end wobble.

Motorcycle Assembly Photos A collection of photos taken of Silverwings in various stages of disassembly and refurbishment.

Engine Dolly For easier Honda CX/GL engine removal and installation.

Motorcycle - Miscellaneous

Silverwing Introduction Includes text and photos describing the motorcycle prepared specifically for the 2006 extended vacation trip.

Project Bike 2009 A motorcycle conversion and restoration project undertaken in 2009.

Ham Radio

Field Day 2011 Operating the Field Day event in 2011.

Passive LC Audio Filter A homemade high-performance filter project.

USB Radio Interface A compact and feature-rich USB radio interface.

K2 Miscellaneous Accessory Board A multi-function accessory board for the Elecraft K2 transceiver.

IC-735 VFO Encoder Repair Replacement of the VFO Encoder board in the Icom IC-735 transceiver.

Motorola External Speaker A surplus 2-way radio speaker for the ham station.

CwTicker A Windows application to display decoded Morse code text from CwGet in ticker-tape style.

A Homebrew 20M QRP CW Transceiver From 1984 How it was done back in the day.

QSL Cards from Excel Spreadsheet Use a spreadsheet to create and print custom QSL cards.

Log sheets from Excel Spreadsheet Use a spreadsheet to create and print custom log sheets.

The Farm

The Farm